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Dongle Hardware

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DES Key Dongles
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General Information
from D.E.S.
(Data Encryption Services)

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A dongle is a device that can be used with the full multilingual package supplied to purchasers of the software from Jaspell. It is a common-place electronic device that fits onto a port on the back of your computer (usually "LPT1", the parallel printer socket). The dongle is about the size of a small matchbox.

Dongles should be handled with care! Neither Jaspell nor DES can be held accountable in the case of avoidable damage.

The dongle hardware needs to be "driven" by software drivers. These are included in the packages supplied by Jaspell, but the latest driver can be downloaded freely.

A dongle accompanied by a Dongled Access Code provides a means of increasing security and ensures that the user is authorized by Jaspell (and the Customer) to use the latest "Major Version" of the Jaspell Jaldi software installed on the computer. A change of "Major Version"  (e.g. Version 7..... to Version 8....., but not 8.0.1 to 8.0.2) requires the customer to purchase the upgrade with its new access codes from Jaspell. Minor upgrades (e.g. 8.0.1 to 8.0.2, but not Version 7..... to Version 8.....) can be downloaded and installed free of charge.

Dongles were the only means of licence control from 1995 to September 2004, and many are in use. From October 2004 Jaspell's Fixed Unique Machine Activation Code procedure allows the high cost of dongles to be avoided by a customer who only uses the software on the one machine to which a licence uniquely linked.  Starting from October 2013 the cost of Fixed Unique Machine Licences has been much reduced with the help of multiple deals.  Even so, dongle users have the benefit of enjoying transferability of access to many of the customer's machines at no further cost beyond the initial price of 1 software + 1 dongle. Extra dongles can be supplied by Jaspell, if a customer wishes to use more machines with dongles at the same time.

Date of last edit: 24 November 2013